Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 39.5

Well, after getting more things lined up and a few items finished it appears
that my joint effort with Warrior Unlimited Artistry is finally under way.

We should be shooting my "Family" sculpture and other furniture this weekend.
Once he gets the pics finished, proofed, etc. there will be sister posts here as well as
on his site. Keep checking back and we'll see how things unfold.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 39

Well, it's 1:44 AM on Friday, but I did promise pics. Here are some of the pics I took of the Couple Sculpture I made in solid mahogany.

I started out with a rough cut out in 12/4 rough sawn mahogany.
I then carved the profiles out closer to the desired shape, and then
I used a Dremel with various carving and sanding drums to shape the faces, heads,
hair (on the female of course) etc.
Once I had the shapes and lines I wanted I finished sanded with 300 and 500 grit micron
paper then covered the piece in Tongue Oil. the finish is a little dry here and in need of
more oil but you get a good idea of the beauty of the grain when you compare the pics in
natural light as well as the flood that is apparent with the flash.

My Basswood pieces will be much brighter and should have a golden tone to the grains
once it receives it's finish.

Day 38

Long time coming, so sorry.
Anyways, I will be posting pics tonight of :
-Mahogany Couple Sculpture
-Maple Night Stand
-Maple Dresser with Birds Eye Maple top

If time permits I should have a progress pics up on the
Nho Theatre Masks, Shoji Screens, and
Bamboo Floors by Saturday.